All our Services are available on our website i.e www.procapitalacademy.com. All our Trading Calls / Tips / Advisory , on our website , are absolutely free of cost . We do not sell any Trading Calls/ Tips / Advisory / Portfolio Management Service. We do not sell Trading Calls/ Tips / Advisory in any segment – Equity / Futures & Options / Currency / Commodity. Our verified WhatsApp / Call Number / Telegram are given on website/youtube channel. Nobody From Our Team will ever call you or send you message for any payment for trading Calls / Tips / Advisory Service / PMS . If you Transfer Any Amount To Any Fraudster Who Claims To Represent “PROCAPITAL" ,you are doing so at your own risk .

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Mohd. Faiz
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Procapital Academy is your one stop destination for all the learning in financial markets – be it Equity Market Trading, Futures & Options Trading Strategies , Commodity Market Trading and also Currency Market Trading.

At Procapital Academy , Our methodology of training is highly practical. We believe trading can only be learned through practical trading. All of our courses are delivered on trading terminals with lots of practical exposure. Medium of delivery is entirely Online / Internet Based. We deliver our courses @ ZOOM.

Courses have been designed and structured in multiple levels. A beginner joins at Foundation Level and go on to complete Advanced Level. We strive our level best to deliver you cutting edge knowledge, help you hone up your skills , help you become a professional in the financial markets.

Procapital Academy has its exclusive community of students/traders @ Telegram. Students are encouraged to implement the trading strategies in live market where students post their trades. Students learn so much from each other in this community and continue to be a part of this Traders’ Community even after they complete their courses.

Procapital Academy strives to equip you with the skill set that makes you confident to trade , invest or work in the world of financial markets. Your success in the financial markets is the only goal of this platform. We , at Procapital Academy , aspire to groom a beginner into a financial market professional .

NOTE : All our courses are FREE OF COST.

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